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Find Our Most Frequent Questions Below

  • How do i order and pay?
    After selecting the bins that you would like cleaned, you will be asked to pay by Debit or Credit Card.  An email shall confirm your order and payment.
    For BACS payment please use these details
    BACS - Sort code: 090150 Account Number: 06773370 Reference: Customer address
    Can I mix and match?
    Yes, feel free to choose any option for any bin. You may want regular cleans for one bin and a one off on another. Just use the ‘continue shopping’ button to add extra bins during an order.
    When will you clean my bin following an order?
    We will clean your bin on the same day as its next empty, this may mean two visits to your property. Your cleaning dates shall be emailed after your order, so you know when to expect us. If the council is late one day emptying a particular bin, we will return the next morning to clean it.
    How does regular cleaning work?
    With regular cleaning visits we visit either once every four weeks, or once every eight weeks on your emptying day for the bin that is to be cleaned. Date cards shall be issued so you can know when to expect us,once the council has emptied your bin we shall be round before 5.30pm to clean your bin. When your payment has expired we shall let you know and you can choose to pay again or you may choose to stop cleaning until required again.
    How do actually you clean my bin?
    We visit your premises in our van, where bins are placed in our specially adapted vans for cleaning. We start by removing all the debris in the bottom of the bin with scrapers, and then thoroughly brush the inside of the bin before using a High powered pressure washer to totally clean the bin. The outside, the rim, the handles and the lid are all cleaned, leaving your bin cleaned to a very high standard. Any water that hasn’t drained out is removed with a squeegee, and finally an odour control is applied to the bin to keep it smelling fresh. Bins are returned to your front garden/property.
    What happens to the used water?
    Used water is collected in the van until it is either filtered and reused in our cleaning process, or held in a holding tank and discharged at a designated Anglian Water fowl drain. There will not be puddles of water or debris left outside your home.