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Once ordered we will endeavor to visit the next time your bin is emptied. If we are particularly busy on your empty day, cleaning may be the next morning. Dates shall be emailed so you know when we are due to visit.

Orders cannot be transferred to another bin colour or to another address unless you yourself are moving (if you are moving, the first clean at a new address if transferred during an order, shall use 2 cleans off any you have left on your order, if you only have one clean left on an order it cannot be transferred).

We occasionally miss cleans due to bad weather or mechanical breakdowns. If we do not visit you on the scheduled day, please call or email us as soon as possible to arrange a clean before you reuse the bin. If you are happy to miss a clean, we can add a clean to you order so you still receive the cleans you have paid for, and clean the next month.

Bins that are full up because you haven’t left it out for emptying shall be charged.

If you are going on holiday when we are due to clean, please let us know and we shall add this clean on at the end of your order.

Bins that have been reused after the council have emptied may not be cleaned if there is too much rubbish to take away with us. We only have enough space for a certain amount of rubbish per day.